Active Release Techniques

Active Release Technique: Specialized Tulsa soft tissue manipulation

What is Active Release Technique (ART)?

Active Release Technique (ART) is a patented therapeutic technique designed specifically for problems with the muscles and other soft tissues. Most muscle pulls and tears, scar tissue, and other acute and chronic soft tissue injuries can be felt by an ART specialist’s trained hands.

ART uses a series of specific techniques and patient movements to treat these issues, hence the name “active release.” There are over 500 specific, patented ART therapy protocols, and we are specially trained to choose the one you need to feel relief from your soft-tissue problems. Many common conditions that cause discomfort and pain can be treated with ART, including overuse injuries, carpal-tunnel syndrome, headaches, pinched nerves, bursitis, sciatica, elbow tennis, and more.

What is the healing process like with ART?

Most patients experience some discomfort during treatment because we must manipulate your affected tissues to promote healing, but doctors trained in ART are careful to stay within a patient’s pain tolerance levels. Some people experience slight inflammation of the area after treatment.

Tulsa ART treatment at Integrated Physical Health

Every Active Release session at Integrated Physical Health involves a thorough muscle examination where one of our trained specialists uses their hands to assess the condition of your affected muscles or other soft tissue. We check for muscle texture and tightness issues that might indicate scar tissue buildup or tears, as well as movement problems that might indicate pinched nerves, muscle pulls or tears, or other conditions causing pain. After identifying the precise location and likely cause of the problem, we treat abnormal tissues with a combination of precise pressure and simultaneous patient movements.

At Integrated Physical Health, we are among few Tulsa chiropractors trained and certified in ART therapy. In fact, our team is proud to provide ART therapy to several Tulsa sports teams including the Talons, Shock, 66ers, and the Oilers.